15th August 2022 

Stop Smoking London!

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking successfully #01Our Effective Hypnosis Programme Will:
  • Enable you to quit smoking with much less withdrawal discomfort and cravings.
  • Help you to detoxify quickly so you can feel healthy, sooner.
  • Make you a permanent non-smoker without suffering weight gain.
  • Remove negativity and stress from your subconscious mind.
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.
As you can see from the above, our programme is able to combine stress-control, confidence building and smoking cessation, all without the usual cravings and withdrawal. Smokers become permanent non-smokers and they do so with less discomfort and more ease than is usually thought possible. In addition, not only is this done in a comfortable way but you also fully enjoy being a confident non-smoker.

The dynamics of this programme recognise the complexity of being a habitual smoker and approach the treatment from many perspectives rather than from just one point of view. This comprehensive approach allows the smoker to break the smoking habit and modify their behavior while overcoming the addiction to nicotine. The new non-smoker gains improved self-awareness along with a much healthier self-image. The new non-smoker's motivation is enhanced and they feel a sense of personal gain and accomplishment rather than self-denial and frustration. (The session obviates the need for any further on-going use of medications or nicotine withdrawal regimes that may have previously been utilized. It can be additionally noted that hypnosis is medically non-invasive and there are no contraindications).

The success rate of this programme is outstanding. If you are sincere about wanting to quit smoking and become a non-smoker for life then we will make your desire a reality. Usually just a single session is required to achieve the results you wish, finally giving you the healthier, smoke-free life you really wanted for yourself.

Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking is:
  • Safe
  • Permanent
  • Cost effective

I am a practicing barrister in central London. I am responsible for corporate cases. I had been a smoker for twenty five years and tried everything; cold turkey, nicorettes, Alan Carr programmes, and various other systems, and just could not give up.

In February 2006 I had a heart bypass and told that I could never smoke again.

This devastated me.

Tim had been recommended by a number of my colleagues and friends that had successfully quit smoking using Tim's services.

I was very sceptical at first and wondered whether it had worked. But he was right. I did forget to 'remember' the smoking habit. I didn't have any cravings and this surprised me.

I can now feel less anxious being tied up in court and don't think of strategies to enable me to have that cigarette any more.

My wife is also pleased because I'm free of a habit that was holding me back in my health, and we don't have to look for restaurants that accommodate smokers any more.

My sincere thanks...
Jeremy, QC, Grays Inn, London

Hypnosis and Trying to Quit Smoking

What happens when you try to quit the smoking habit on your own? Are you quickly pushed back into the habit by stress, nagging thoughts or overwhelming cravings?

What is happening is that your subconscious mind is fighting your conscious efforts because it knows that on some level smoking has provided pleasure to you physically and psychologically.

Since you first started smoking, each time you lift a cigarette to your lips, feelings of confidence and security have been triggered. These feelings are now associated with smoking. The sheer repetition of the habit continually reinforces the subconscious mind that all you need to do to receive these good feelings is to smoke a cigarette.

The most important thing now is that you sincerely want to quit. Unless this is so, I would only be wasting your money and my time, which I could use to help others who truly want to quit. When you have reached a point when you can honestly say to yourself that you are strongly motivated to put an end to your smoking habit once and for all, and want smoking out of your life for good, that's when you are ready for the Smoking Cessation Programme.

How Hypnosis Helps

I will be working with the part of your inner mind that gives you the desire for cigarettes. Hypnosis completely eliminates the internal battle that many people experience when giving up the habit of smoking. Not only is hypnosis an effective way of quitting smoking but the results are permanent!

Why Will Power Doesn't Work When you are Trying to Quit Smoking

When thinking of quitting any strong habit, it is human nature to believe that what it takes is a lot of will power. You have probably said to yourself in the past "I just don't have enough will power, if only I had more will power, I would be able to quit." The basic error with this thinking is that will power is a function of your conscious mind. But a habit such as smoking is controlled by your subconscious mind. Using the conscious mind and will power usually does not enable a person to quit smoking and even if they are able to do so for a while, they eventually relapse and are forced to try all over again.

How Do You Know You're Ready to Quit Smoking?

You have to be at the point where the bad outweighs the good: you're tired of coughing and tired of the way your clothes smell; you're fed up and disgusted with yourself for continuing to hurt your health; perhaps someone dear to you is beginning to seriously suffer from an illness caused by cigarettes. Whatever smoking is to you, somehow the scales have tipped to the point where it just makes more sense to quit rather than to continue.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis teaches your subconscious what you already understand consciously: that cigarettes are not good for you and you no longer want them in your life! Hypnosis will end the power that the pleasurable feelings you derive from smoking have to control your behavior and make you a habitual smoker. We will give your inner mind a new source for those good feelings, a healthy source that adds to life instead of taking from it. The subconscious accepts those suggestions easily. When this is properly done you no longer feel a need for something outside yourself to feel good. For example, you will not replace your former smoking habit with the habit of overeating. You simply become a non-smoker with no battles going on inside of you, with no thinking of wanting a cigarette. You simply don't think about cigarettes. You are a non-smoker.

Everyone has a natural ability to experience hypnosis - there is no such thing as a good subject or a bad subject. However, some people may need a little more time to enter into a state of trance.

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