15th August 2022 

Hypnotherapy Clinic in Central London

Thriving hypnotherapy, NLP and bespoke proactive coaching practice at No.1 Harley Street, Central London.

Successfully treating clients using NLP and Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis practitioner Tim Martin has trained and worked alongside hypnotherapist Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler. Many of life's problems can be overcome using simple yet powerful hypnosis techniques. Your mind and emotions drive every decision you make - NLP and Hypnotherapy enable you to make clear, focused, positive decisions to change your life.

We now also specialize in ACT ( Acceptance and commitment therapy) as featured in The Sunday Times Style magazine on 07/08/2011

We sincerely hope you can find the answers you need here - if not, please contact us on 0800 458 2499. We will tailor a self hypnosis CD for your needs. Please ask about the bespoke self hypnosis CD service.

Consultations take place six days a week, with four late evening options for busy professionals. All enquiries are met with a friendly and understanding welcome.

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Is Hypnotherapy for me?

"What is Hypnotherapy and NLP? Is it safe, will it work for me?"

Who is Tim Martin? Is he qualified and does he have the experience to treat me?

What's the diference between NLP and Hypnotherapy? What can it treat? How much will it cost?

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Treating phobias and anxiety

Are you Terrified of Flying? Do you get anxious in certain situations? Would you like to feel confident and in control?

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment helping people every day to overcome their fears...

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Life Coaching

Take control of your life and overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back.

Achieve your goals...

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Put the past behind you - feel happy and confident to tackle whatever comes your way... Has your heart been broken? Are you finding it hard to let go of the past? Are you looking for your soul mate?

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Stop Smoking Successfully

In one session say goodbye to nicotine addiction - completely, and stop smoking forever...

To read about how we can help you stop smoking, using hypnosis techniques at our clinic in Central London, click here.